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Home Safety Tips for Seniors

It’s important for you and your loved one to understand the risks and potential dangers that are present in your home. This article is aimed at providing some basic tips for the areas of living you or your loved ones reside to ensure a safe and happy environment. When you keep this information in mind, you can help prevent falls, injuries, and accidents by making the necessary changes to unsafe parts of your home.

Senior Safety Home Care Tips
Home Safety Care for Seniors

You can be sure your loved one’s have an extra layer of safety by following these tips:


General Home Safety


  • Check all traffic areas for telephone and electrical cords that could cause falls.
  • For hardwood surfaces, avoid any wax that could be slippery when cleaning.
  • Dangerous activities like standing on chairs, climbing steep ladders, and going up ladder staircases should be avoided.
  • Firm fitting shoes with low heels are a must.
  • Walkers and walking aids need to be fitted and measured.
  • All spills and accidents need to be cleaned up as soon as possible.
  • Smoking should be done in a safe area and never alone or in bed.
  • Smoke detectors should be tested regularly and be on every floor.
  • Loose rugs should be secured or removed.
  • Medical alert system or buddy system are highly recommended.
  • Proper lighting is necessary in every part of the home.
  • Don't rush standing up after lying down or sitting for a period of time. Get up slowly.

Bathroom Safety


  • Clearly label the hot and cold water faucets.
  • If the water heater has adjustable temperatures, set the max temperature to 120oF.
  • The tub area should contain a safe, non-slip surface mat.
  • Install secure aids for walls around every area of the bathroom.
  • The locks to the bathroom should be able to be opened from both sides.
  • Bathing when help is available is always the best option.
  • Keep a nightlight in the bathroom so you can clearly see the proper light switch.

Kitchen Safety


  • Dangerous and hazardous items should be stored separately from food.
  • Heavier objects should be stored at waist level.
  • Storage of sharp knives and cooking accessories should be properly secured.
  • All food expiration dates should be checked regularly.
  • Stoves and other dangerous appliances should have an automatic shutoff.
  • Proper ventilation for visibility around the kitchen is necessary.
  • Lighting around the kitchen should be easily accessible and remain illuminated while present.
  • Floors should be clean and uncluttered.
  • Use proper cooking attire and avoid loose clothing.

Staircase Safety


  • Sturdy rails are a must for all staircases throughout the home.
  • A stairlift might be necessary in some situations, make sure to have it tested regularly
  • All steps on the staircases need to have a non-slip surface.
  • A safe staircase has bright lightning and electrical switches at the top and bottom.
  • Remove doors on the top of staircases that open towards the stairs.
  • Slippers or other loose shoes can be dangerous on staircases, be sure to have proper footware.
  • Remove or secure down all loose rugs that reside anywhere near the stairs.
  • Never carry heavy or bulky objects, ask for help.
  • Be present and don't rush up or down stair, walk carefully.




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